Spearphishing attacks

07 April 2020

Phishing attacks have grown far more sophisticated and targeted, even a personal mail from a source you trust, isn't necessarily what you think it is

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Spearphishing is the practice of sending emails which are allegedly from a known or trusted sender. The aim is to encourage targeted individuals to reveal confidential information.
The email address will be ‘spoofed’ to look like a legitimate address from a known sender. Knowing what to look out for in a spoof email can help you identify them and respond appropriately. 

How to manage the risk

  • The email address that appears in the ‘from’ field of an email is not a guarantee that the email came from the person or organisation it says it did... check.
  • Call any known sources by phone, to check they are bona fide, if they are asking for money to be transferred.
Download the infographic to learn how spearphishing attacks can be used to target you and your family and how you can avoid them. 
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