Administering your church insurance

20 June 2018

An overview of your insurance policy, what documentation you should have, how you can pay your premiums and other useful information.

What documents should I have?

  • A policy booklet
    This contains the Terms and Conditions of your policy.
  • A policy schedule
    Separate pages with specific details for your church.

How do we pay premiums?

Every year you will be sent a policy renewal pack to tell you your premium is due. Premiums may be paid annually or by Direct Debit instalments.
If you are paying by Direct Debit and need to change your payment details, please use the Direct Debit instalments.

When to notify us about activities or changes at your church

It is important that you let us know about certain activities and changes at your church. We can provide help and advice and in some cases we may need to charge an additional premium if there is a change to the risk we are insuring. Our check list below gives some examples of when you need to call us.
  • During building works
  • Community outreach activities
  • When your church is closed or closing
  • When your building becomes disused or unoccupied
  • Accidents involving people
  • Change of church correspondent
  • Any event with more than 500 people excluding your parish fete
  • Any hazardous activity for example bouncy castles/inflatables, abseiling and sale of second-hand electrical goods.