Ecclesiastical is a specialist insurance company with 130 years of experience offering deep expertise and protection. We have been operating in Ireland since 1980 and specialise in church, charity, education, heritage, fine art and property owners insurance.

Our Irish team is based primarily in EastPoint Business Park in Dublin and services 32 counties ensuring visibility to brokers and customers and security in the knowledge that our claims and risk management services are managed and distributed locally

We are part of Ecclesiastical Group which is based in the UK and also operates businesses in Canada and Australia.

Our mission

In the world of financial services, Ecclesiastical treads a different path.

For us, charitable giving is not something we do as part of our corporate responsibility programme, or to meet our reporting obligations. Instead, it’s the very reason we exist. This is because, unlike others in our sector, our sole purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society.

Doing business differently

A significant proportion of our profits are channelled towards funding good causes, through independent grants from our charitable owner or our own considerable donations to the communities we serve. 

This very different purpose means we are able to do business in a very different way. Yes, we work hard to be successful, so our growing profits can be used to help even more people who find themselves in need. But we also strive to be the most trusted and caring business in our chosen markets. A business that supports its customers not just by giving them first-class service and products, but by prioritising their needs should the worst happen.

It is for this reason that for over 130 years, we have been trusted to protect so much of the heritage and history in the countries where we operate.