Why do organisations need cyber insurance?

Having specific insurance in place to mitigate these risks can make a big difference in reducing the financial impact.
Conventional policies may not cover many of the losses associated with cyber risks such as:
  • Costs of dealing with data breaches 
  • Costs of dealing with cyber liability claims 
  • Cover for business losses from a cyber event 
  • Cover that helps organisations with the impact of cyber crime.
Having access to expert advice and support e.g. IT, legal, forensic and media relations when an incident occurs can help mitigate the financial impact of a loss or cyber event and any reputational damage.

Who is Ecclesiastical cyber insurance for?

  • Any existing commercial Ecclesiastical customer 
  • Any new customer taking out a commercial Ecclesiastical policy.
It has been designed to cater for small and medium-size organisations and to meet the needs of customers in Ecclesiastical niche market segments such as:
  • Charity and not-for-profit organisations 
  • Education risks 
  • Property owners and investors 
  • Heritage, arts and culture 
  • Faith organisations.

Product highlights

What does Ecclesiastical cyber insurance provide?

  • An all-in-one computer, data and cyber risks policy designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized organisations
  • A flexible solution that can be tailored to individual needs designed to dovetail with your client’s current Ecclesiastical policy cover
  • Choice of cover limits appropriate to your clients’ level of risk.

Types of claims

Here are some examples of the types of claim covered under Ecclesiastical cyber insurance policy:

  • Cyber crime 
    Employee fraudulently modified information which resulted in a transfer of funds.
  • Data breach 
    An accountant’s laptop was stolen containing 800 customer tax records. The cost to the replace the laptop (paid as part of hardware cover), investigation of the breach, legal advice and notification of clients.
  • Cyber liability 
    A property management firm’s email system became corrupted. IT investigation was needed to confirm a virus was the cause. A former customer sued for damages after being infected via an email.
  • Data corruption and extra costs 
    A cryptolocker encrypted the files of a computer system. There were costs incurred to clean the system and restore data. Support expenses for a ransom demand (paid as part of cyber crime cover).

For our full summary of cover please view our cyber insurance summary of cover