Consumer Insurance Contracts Act 2019: What’s changing

27 July 2021

There are several important provisions of the Consumer Insurance Contracts Act coming into effect from 1st September 2021.

We have made some changes to our policy wordings and also to our procedures in order to comply with the Act.
You can therefore expect to see the following changes with effect from September:

1) Updated policy wordings

We have updated all of our policy wordings to comply with the provisions of the Act. Please see your renewal correspondence for further details.

2) 5 year Premium and Claims history on renewal schedules

As required by the Act you can now expect to see a 5 year Premium and Claims history on your client’s renewal schedule (or as long as you have held the policy with us).

3) Introduction of Statements of Fact for New Business

Due to the changes in the duty of Utmost Good Faith and the necessity to pose specific questions, we will be replacing our proposal forms with Statements of Fact. Please note that while we will be able to provide a quotation subject to completion of the Statement of Fact questions, all questions must be answered before binding cover.  
Once in place the Statement of Fact will be re-issued with the renewal schedule at every renewal. You must tell us if any of the information captured on the Statement of Fact has changed at renewal or at any other time.

For more information

If you have any questions relating to these changes, please get in touch with your usual Ecclesiastical contact.