Getting back to work

01 July 2020

We are extending our temporary cover enhancements

As the lockdown begins to ease, employers across  Ireland will be considering what measures will need to be in place to keep employees and customers safe in a new working environment.   
In following the latest Irish Government guidance, and depending on your industry sector, some premises may need to remain temporarily closed, and your employees may need to continue working from home for an extended period.
To support you during this period, we are extending our temporary cover enhancements introduced in April for another three months until the 30th of September 2020.
The changes, introduced in response to the government lockdown, ensure that you are not penalised for temporary closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Properties that have temporarily closed in order to comply with government guidance will be covered with no increases to premium, excess or cover.
The temporary changes also provide cover for employees working from home, including contents taken to an employee’s home to help them work remotely due to COVID-19. 
By extending the temporary cover enhancements until 30th September 2020, it provides continued cover while you transition back in line with government advice. 
All other policy terms, conditions and exception are unchanged 

Supporting you as you transition out of lockdown and back to the workplace

We know that organisations across the country will be planning to get back to work as soon as possible once the lockdown ends – but it is critically important that they manage the risks and get it right. 
To help you with this transition, our risk management experts have developed a guide to help you plan for re-opening and what needs to be done before and after the doors open.
The advice covers areas such as inspections of the premises, making sure that precautions are taken in line with the COVID-19 guidance published by the Irish Government - including social distancing – and ensuring that all staff know about the changes before returning to their work place
We hope that this provides the reassurance you need. If this action is insufficient to meet your insurance needs or if you are unsure about any other insurance issues please speak to your broker or the Direct Team at Ecclesiastical. Contact details for the Ecclesiastical Direct Team can be found via the following link