COVID- 19 - Automatic cover beyond renewal date

08 April 2020

Where the renewal or a specific extension of the Policy cannot be agreed by the Renewal Date due to Incapacity it is agreed that:

1) Where Renewal terms are subsequently (after Renewal date) not accepted cover by this Policy shall be automatically extended based on expiry terms to:

a) The date Renewal is formally declined

b) 30 days after renewal date

whichever is the sooner at which point all policy cover shall cease

Provided that:

i) There are no material changes in risk that the Insured should have advised to Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc prior to any Incapacity (unless otherwise already catered for by specific Covid 19 Temporary Cover changes)

ii) an additional pro rata premium is paid by the Insured (unless below €30 where such premium will be waived by Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc) based upon the annual premium applicable immediately prior to the renewal date

iii) Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc shall not be liable to pay any claims occurring during the period of the extension of cover until the additional premium due has been paid.

iv) there shall be no increase in or reinstatement of any applicable

a. sums insured

b. aggregate sums insured

c. any other limits or limits of liability

during the extended period of insurance 

v) no automatic extensions of policy cover will apply to policies that Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc has specifically excluded from this arrangement by prior notice to the Insured or their insurance broker

vi) Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc the broker / insurance advisor and the Insured shall use reasonable endeavours to conclude renewals or extensions prior to renewal date so as to avoid as far as possible the need for any automatic extension 


2) Where Renewal terms are subsequently accepted (after Renewal date) as a result of Incapacity the Insured agrees that once accepted such renewal terms are effective from the Renewal Date.

 Incapacity means the relevant representatives of 

• the Insured or 

• their insurance broker / advisor or 

• Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc 

have been unable to conclude the renewal or extension of the Policy solely due to the Covid -19 pandemic  including but not limited to the above noted representatives being

• infected or

• suspected to be infected or

• in self–isolation or quarantine or

• subject to working practices or restrictions (including travel restrictions) recommended by

  • their employer
  • the Irish government / government body or other regulatory body 

which limits their ability to operate function and / or communicate.